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Helping International Investors Expand into a Key U.S. Market.

Artha Consulting is a private boutique advisory firm for high net worth real estate investors.
We pride the best practices, the inmost industry understanding, and an innovative and sustainable approach.
Together we are redefining Real Estate.

About us

We are about you

We understand WEALTH, not just money.

Artha Consulting was born to satisfy the most ambitious and complex investors. Our firm consists of a small team of strategic consultants with over 100 years of combined experience in successful real estate investing.Our focus is on providing a holistic approach to our select clients personal and professional investment goals.

Investment Opportunities

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Bespoke Services

We provide continuous support throughout the investment life cycle with proven tactics and innovative ideas to enhance your results. Our mission is to help you identify opportunities in the complex US Real Estate market.

Negotiation and Representation

We represent our clients in complex transactions negotiating the best terms. We act quickly and precisely displacing the competition.

Strategic Asset Acquisition

We source unique properties for our clients in the most competitive markets.

Transaction Advisory

We analyze portfolios to help our clients make decisions to place or reposition equity and debt.

Advantageous Partnerships

We open our large network of clients and partners to provide partnership opportunities.

Financial Solutions

We identify Specialized Tax Incentives, Expenses Reduction, and Financial Enhancement to increase profit margins.

Alternative Investments

We offer tax-free strategies to accumulate wealth in any market with Insurance and other Financial Products.*


Golden State.
San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento.

New York

Garden State.
New York City.


The Sunshine State.
Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville.


The Lone Star State.
Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth.

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